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A Story Steeped in Sound

Ntazana Moses Kasamanda (Born19th December 1992) Better known by his nick name Ntazy, is a Zambian born and bred Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer and Poet. Ntazy is also owner and founder of the start-up media service provider known as Devoted Xpress Elements.

Ntazy fell in love with the art of rhythm and poetry at quite an early age. He has been rapping since he was old enough to listen to a song, been writing his own lyrics since he was 14 and a year after that he became a poet and started recording songs with his friends mostly. Even though he only officially declared himself a producer in 2013 he has been in the producing realm since he was 11. Despite the rapper growing up in the church and already being part of the Christian rap group Devoted Xpress, most of his solo music was surprisingly not Christian, he only got saved when he was 17 in 2010 about 4 months after he dropped his first album (EMP) and has been growing in the faith ever since. About six months after his second birth he eventually quit non gospel music and officially dubbed himself a Christian rapper in 2011. 

Today he glances back at his earlier years which where highly impacted by rappers like Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, and Kanye west, Producers like Timberland, Swizz beats and Pharrell Williams just to mention a few. Ntazy remembers what Hip hop did to him at that age, how it molded his character and life style without him even noticing. Due to the trouble and pain the world put him through he now looks to be a “heaven sent positive influence on his listeners” and believes his music can make a change centered on love, “a change that the people will not regret”.