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The Epiphany

Finally Free : The Epiphany is the first Album Ntazy has released since his first one when he was of age 17, despite the fact that he worked on 3 other unreleased and unfinished albums between the time he was 17 to the release of FF1 on his 21st birthday. This mentioned only to support the case on how since he finished high school at 17 he began to really search for his purpose and destiny, finding meaning in and of life is all Ntazy struggled with at around this time. The contents of this Album cover mostly the dark and soulful thoughts and experiences Ntazy had a few month before and after he met God which was when he was? You guessed it,17.


The Escape Plan

This Album is supposedly an extension or deluxe version of Finally Free : The Epiphany as most of the material is similar. It is also supposedly a bridge to prepare you for what is coming next as it has some themes from the following Album (Finally Free 2) as well. In all honestly It really Is a mixture of material that was derived from a failed joint project Ntazy was set to release along side a few other artists. One of the several reasons the development of Finally Free 2 was very slow. He was 23 at the time.

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Catch Me If You Can

The long awaited Finally Free 2 is the official next step in the Finally Free story even though Finally Free 1.5 supposedly had its part to play. In this album Ntazy breaks down what living a purpose driven life really looks like. The reality of the challenges faced as a man an artist and a christian are really pointed out and addressed. This Album covers Ntazy’s life during the 7 years of the life he has lived since his epiphany (Age 17-24). A lot of mixed feelings but all successfully pointing to a stronger, mature, wise, positive and brighter state of freedom. Finally Free 2 : Catch Me If You Can was Released On Ntazy’s 25th birthday.


Lets Walk

At this point Ntazy comes to terms with a cycle of some sort. Despite his very clear and evident growth, the lows will to some extent always be inevitable. In-fact the more Ntazy grows and learns the more he is bothered by how much his surroundings seem to reveal there own destructiveness to him which in turn pushes him to grow even more so he can help kill death. See the cycle? Casual attention to Finally Free 3 : Lets Walk will seem as though Ntazy has some how grown weaker but attentiveness revels that he is not just fighting personal battles anymore he is now providing Leadership to those who are struggling with challenges that he at this point is familiar with overcoming. Expressing a more realistic picture of what freedom looks like as he himself has been waking up to it since he was 17, he is now 26.

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